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Letter from the President


The International Academic Association on Planning, Law, and Property Rights (PLPR) goes to Ann Arbor

in Michigan in May 2023! 

PLPR provides a platform for academics to meet and confer on a host of topics at the intersection of planning, law, and property rights. Since our founding, we have become a truly global network of almost one thousand academics from all around the globe. Many of us come every year, and some have become close friends over the years. But I am also happy to share that those who came for the first time often report that we are an open and welcoming community. So, if you come for the first time, if you haven’t been in a while, or if you are one of the regular participants: Join the debate on planning, law, and property rights in Ann Arbor!


PLPR is an independent non-profit organization without a permanent affiliation.  So, each year, the PLPR community relies on universities to host us. Since its inaugural meeting in 2007 in Amsterdam, we have enjoyed annual conferences not only at many destinations in Europe – North, East, South and West, but also to Asia (Hong Kong), and regularly to North America. This year, we will be in America again! We do that not for touristic reasons, but in order to learn about the locational-specifics of PLPR in the region we visit. The PLPR community is curious to learn more about Ann Arbor and its place in the U.S.! 


We are incredible grateful to, but also proud, that each year one of us volunteers to organize the annual conference. For 2023, the host will be Richard (Dick) Norton and his team. Of course Dick is well known within the PLPR community not only for his contributions to the discipline, but also as he served as president of PLPR. It is actually our second attempt to come to Ann Arbor – the first one had to be cancelled due to the global pandemic. But now we come! Dick, thank you so much for hosting PLPR in Ann Arbor!


Thomas Hartmann
President of PLPR

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