Letter from the President
Thomas Hartmann, PLPR President


You are probably reading this, because you are intrigued by the three messages “Planning matters. Law matters. Property matters.” of the International Academic Association on Planning, Law, and Property Rights (PLPR). Probably you encounter PLPR for the first time, and you are interested in our activities and you contemplate coming to our 2021 conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, probably you have not been to PLPR for a while and consider coming back, or you are one of the regular attendees who comes back (almost) every year. If you are one of the latter – you might just jump to the conclusion of this letter. For all the others, I’d like to tell you about PLPR:

PLPR is an international association. This is important, not only because learning from other regions is enriching in itself, but moreover, because it enables you to reflect on the merits, pitfalls, specialties or even normality of the planning, legal and property rights system in your country. PLPR is an academic association. This means that PLPR has no own mission other than providing a platform for open academic exchange on the topic of planning, law, and property rights. Though the disciplines differ – no, because they differ – the academic values are the common ground for interdisciplinary exchange on planning, law, and property rights.


2021 we will meet in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. Our previous president, Richard Norton, and his team invite us to the University of Michigan. This is important for PLPR: to explore new places in different legal and planning contexts. We already went to Eastern Europe (Ústí and Labem, Czechia), Texas (College Station, USA), the Balkan area (Novi Sad, Serbia), Hong Kong, and many, many more. We want to learn about locational-specific aspects of planning, law, and property rights – what will Ann Arbor teach us?

On top of all that, we will meet old – and make new – friends, connected by a common interest in the relation between planning, law, and property rights. So come, join and enjoy Ann Arbor in February, where after an inspiring and intense day at conference, you will meet with colleagues and friends and discuss over some beverage new ideas about planning, law and property rights.

Thomas Hartmann